Environmental Legal Practice

Environmental Transactional Support

o   Environmental Due Diligence Investigations
o   Real Property Acquisitions, Dispositions & Leasing
o   Corporate Mergers, Acquisitions, & Dispositions
o   Management of Hazardous Building Materials in Connection with Redevelopment
o   Wetlands and Natural Resources

Contamination Incident Response Support

o   Analysis of Reporting & Response Obligations
o   Environmental Consultant Selection, Contracting & Management
o   Negotiation and Drafting of Regulatory Cleanup Agreements & Orders with Government Agencies
o   Contamination Assessment and Remediation Projects
o   Negotiation and Drafting of Environmental Deed Restrictions/Institutional Controls
o   Environmental Stewardship (Monitoring and Maintenance of  Environmental Deed Restrictions/Institutional Controls)

Operational Support

o   Environmental Permitting
o   Environmental Compliance & Compliance Auditing
o   Defense of Agency Enforcement Proceedings
o   Underground Storage Tank Permitting, Compliance, and Closure
o   Environmental Insurance

Prosecution and Defense of Environmental Claims

o   Cost Recovery
o   Injunctive Relief
o   Economic Damages/Diminution in Property Value