Lindsay C. Walton, Esq.

Lindsay Walton

Lindsay Walton, an Associate at The Goldstein Environmental Law Firm, P.A., has developed a broad environmental regulatory, transactional, and litigation practice, with particular emphasis on the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, and the Clean Water Act (“CWA”), and their Florida equivalents. Lindsay’s practice also emphasizes federal and state environmental permitting and compliance matters involving wetlands, stormwater, and endangered species. Lindsay leads the firm’s Institutional Controls practice and regularly counsels both the public and private sectors in obtaining conditional closure with state and local regulatory authorities. A substantial portion of her practice focuses on environmental issues arising in connection with real estate transactions, particularly as they relate to due diligence and prospective purchaser/lessee exposure to environmental regulatory and third party liabilities. She also represents private clients, community development authorities, and municipalities in obtaining environmental cleanup liability protections, executing cleanup agreements, procuring environmental insurance, and evaluating cleanup tax credit eligibility through various state-based programs, including the Florida Brownfields Program. In addition, Lindsay represents municipal clients on a variety of matters such as governmental remediation cost reimbursements, solid waste program contract negotiations and interpretation (including long-term solid waste management and disposal agreements and inter-municipal solid waste agreements).

Lindsay has both practical experience and an academic background in Environmental Law. At the state level, she was Assistant General Counsel for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, for the Division of Waste Management, where she managed the negotiation and legal review of Institutional Controls, and submitted approvals for attaining conditional closures. And as the Colorado State Coordinator for a national, environmental nonprofit organization, she facilitated efforts between municipal governments and community members for maintenance and preservation of open spaces.

In addition, Lindsay has been published as a contributing author for a legal textbook, entitled “What Can Animal Law Learn from Environmental Law?,” ELI Press, 2015. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Florida State University and earned her law degree from Florida State University College of Law, with honors in the top-rated Environmental and Land Use Law Certificate Program.