Brett C. Brumund, Esq.

Brett-BrumundBrett Brumund, a partner at The Goldstein Environmental Law Firm, P.A., practices environmental law exclusively, assisting both public and private sector clients with a broad range of environmental matters including contaminated land remediation and redevelopment, regulatory compliance, and environmental due diligence related to real estate transactions. Mr. Brumund works with the Firm’s clients to help them navigate the remediation and redevelopment process including initial site assessments, Brownfield Designations, and utilizing innovative regulatory tools to efficiently achieve regulatory closure. His practice also involves close collaboration with environmental consultants and engineers to integrate technical solutions with redevelopment and construction requirements. Mr. Brumund has extensive experience working with the Firm’s clients to draft Brownfield Area Designation Requests, Brownfield Site Rehabilitation Agreements, and annual Voluntary Cleanup Tax Credit applications to limit liability and recover cleanup costs. This requires frequent engagement with local residents and local government officials at community meetings and public hearings, which Mr. Brumund coordinates for the Firm, to ensure stakeholder concerns are heard and thoroughly considered. In addition, he assists clients with achieving regulatory closure of remediated sites through providing documentation to regulators showing state cleanup criteria are met and by recording instruments such as deed restrictions on impacted properties to ensure that both community health and environmental resources are protected in perpetuity.

Mr. Brumund is a graduate of University of Miami School of Law and the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, where he received his Master of Professional Science degree and focused his studies on intersection of environmental law, science, and policy. Prior to joining the Firm, Mr. Brumund worked in the public interest environmental field where he advocated for the implementation of reasonable environmental policies and frequently worked with federal, state, and local government officials. In the public interest field, he worked to achieve policy goals that included promoting ecosystem protection and restoration, facilitating access to public records, and protecting water quality. In that role, he worked to prepare and submit technical comments in response to proposed federal and state agency actions that would impact sensitive marine and terrestrial ecosystems such as changes to the allowable concentrations of toxic substances in state waters, plans to dredge near Florida’s sensitive and economically important coral reef tract, and the use of certain chemicals near designated critical habitats for endangered species. Before joining the Firm, he also led a long-term project that tracked Clean Water Act stormwater regulatory compliance in Miami-Dade County to identify opportunities for pollution prevention in heavily industrial areas of the County. While in law school, Mr. Brumund also had the opportunity to publish an article in the American Bar Association’s publication, Natural Resources & Environment, that explored the challenges and successes of protecting Endangered Species Act-listed species in rapidly urbanizing areas like South Florida. He thoroughly enjoys practicing environmental law and the opportunities it provides to protect environmental resources while also encouraging sustainable economic development.