Environmental Redevelopment Practice

Florida Brownfields Program

o   Designation of Brownfields Areas
o   Brownfields Economic Incentives
o   Negotiation of Brownfields Site Rehabilitation Agreements
o   Comfort Letters

Federal Brownfields Program

o   Liability Incentives
o   Economic Incentives
o   Renewable Energy
o   Agency Assistance

Brownfields Project Management

o   Procurement, Contracting, and Management of Environmental Consultants and Civil Engineers
o   Coordination of Reuse Design, Site Development and Construction Planning Activities
with Planning and Implementation of Contamination Cleanup
o   Health & Safety Planning
o   Environmental Insurance
o   Community Outreach & Risk Communication

Local Governments & Brownfields

o   Strategic Brownfields Planning & Capacity Building for Local Governments
o   Grants
o   Local Government Brownfields RFPs
o   Training Seminars for Local Governments

Brownfields Marketplace

o   Siting
o   Pricing and Valuation
o   Marketing & Disposition of Brownfield Sites
o   Assistance with Financing

Reuse and Redevelopment Categories

o   Former Agricultural Sites
o   Former Automotive Dealership Sites
o   Former Drycleaners
o   Former Gas Stations
o   Former Golf Courses
o   Former Landfills
o   Former Nurseries


o   Training Seminars for Civil Engineers, Environmental Consultants, and Design and Planning Professionals
o   Training Seminars for Community Based Stakeholders
o   Policy Formulation and Legislative Advocacy